iTero Disclaimer/Terms and Conditions

The offer is based on the iTero E2 Intraoral Digital Scanner (approximate value of $24,000.00 plus Tax).  Next Dental Lab will apply a monthly credit of $400.00 per month for a maximum of 60 monthly statements to all accounts who qualify.  To qualify for the $400.00 monthly credit, the account must have attained a minimum of $4,950.00 in dental lab bills (shipping fees not included) on the corresponding month.  It is possible that an account qualifies to receive the credit one month and then not qualify the following month if your bill is below $4,950.00.   Qualifying accounts are those who purchase any iTero Intraoral Digital Scanner for a minimum value of $24,000.00 plus Tax worth of equipment directly from iTero, on or after May 1st 2022.  Each customer is fully responsible for purchasing the equipment directly from iTero and is held fully accountable for it.  Next Dental Lab is obligated to respect their engagement with all qualified accounts who maintain eligibility during the promotion period.   Next Dental Lab has the right to discontinue this promotion at any given time for new contracts only. Any existing contracts must be fulfilled by Next Dental Lab, unless the contract is broken by the customer.  Any account looking to qualify for this promotion must not have any previous balances with Next Dental Lab. Any and all accounts not up to date with their balance will either not qualify for the promotion and/or also will be forfeited from this promotion if they don’t maintain an up-to-date balance during the duration of the promotion. The $400 credit will only be applied on the monthly statements that are paid on time (Every month on or before the 20th of each month).